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Educate the Nation envisions a brigther future for the youth of today through alleviating the issues they are faced with in respect of basic education deliverance. An educated child has the power to change the future of a nation.


To provide learners in KZN with the tools to create a stronger educational foundation.

Educating a child has many knock on effects:

  • Education instills the core values and principles one needs to become successful in society.
  • Education enables one to make better choices eg. The knowledge of purifying water prior to drinking it.
  • Education provides a safety barrier eg. Being able to understand situations that may inflict harm.
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Schools That Will Benefit

Learners in Kwa-Zulu Natal whose lives will change with the power of education in their hands.

The cost to provide a learner with the necessary tools to succeed.


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About R3.3-billion is available nationally for textbooks, it said. But this leaves what it called “shortfalls”, which amount to about R2.9-billion in two crucial areas.

The first is the money needed to rectify (or “top up”, in officialese) the ongoing undersupply of textbooks in grades one to six and grade 10 – that is, the grades in which the new curriculum (known as “Caps”) has already been implemented. About R1.2-billion is needed here, the presentation said.

The second is a shortfall of about R1.7-billion needed to achieve “full provisioning” of textbooks in the grades where Caps will be implemented next year: seven, eight, nine and 12.


Central to the problem is that “the amount of money allocated for textbooks has not increased”, the document said. Yet the “number of learners each requiring a textbook in each of the subjects had increased

One consequence is “an increased number of learners sharing textbooks”. Making a dreadful situation even worse is that schools have not yet purchased textbooks in natural science and technology for grades four, five and six “due to the late arrival of [the nationally] approved textbooks [catalogue] “.

Educate The Nation Foundation has identified the pertinent issues with education deliverance in South Africa and has embarked on a journey to provide resource material that is of the highest standards to each previously disadvantaged learner.

We have managed to provide education to each of these learners for R10 Per Month!

The use of information communication technologies – particularly mobile phones and applications, and e-learning – continue to change and shape education on the African continent

Technology is evolving rapidly and opening doors for a variety of sectors including education. In resource-poor settings and rural communities new technological advances create opportunities where none previously existed. New developments in education are becoming vital in Africa where some countries are finding that their education systems are not meeting community and societal demand, or are becoming too expensive. In some places there is no real guarantee of a quality education and the efficiency and availability of primary, secondary and university level education are not assured.

To combat these problems throughout continental Africa, countries are embracing information and communications technology (ICT) to increase access to the Internet and expand educational curricula at all levels of schooling.E-learning, as this use of ICT in education is known, is quickly becoming an asset not only to the students but to communities and teachers as well. It provides the means for gaining stronger work skills, allows for global partnerships to develop, and increases the quality of education programmes. Expanding access to and the availability of e-learning programmes for students, teachers and businesses is a key to furthering continental development and growth.

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The Power of Educating a Child

Healthier Choices

An educated child is in a stronger position to make more calculated decisions about their life. With education a child is now empowered and will better understand the dynamics of the world and how to make a better life for themselves.

Career Opportunities

Companies only want educated employees. In order to be of benefit to an employer it is imperative that we teach our learners from young the importance of education in the work place.

The Revolution of a Nation

Educated People = Calculated Decisions. Educated people are able to become entrepreneurs, business people and skilled employees all of which add to the Revolution of a Nation.

Educated people treat each other with respect and dignity, Thus reducing the amount of conflict in a country.

How will your Sponsorship Help?

87% of Learners in the Rural Area have access to the internet in one form or the other.

For R10 Per Month / R120 Per Annum,

You can provide each learner with access to digital education

The most advanced e-learning digital curriculum programme built by South Africans for South Africans.

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